Small Businesses and Social Media

We live in an age where technology controls almost everything and the biggest marketing tool is social media and networking. This is because everyone is connected to at least 3 or 4 different websites online at one point and it is easy to make connections by way of using social media. Social media is also a great and cost effective way to connect with your target audience and customers, ensuring you receive reviews from widespread areas and improve your services.

social media for small business

If you are a small business owner, don’t be caught sleeping on social media.

A very simple and effective way to promote or introduce your business is through customer engagement. If you are looking to just introduce your business, there is no better way than being on the social networking map, just a search box away. People can promote your page by posting on it and sharing it, which makes it easier to others to be acquainted with your business. If you are on the social media, it automatically means that you want to converse and that you are interactive. This is important because this way your customers know that this business or company is entirely accessible to them which makes it easier for them to engage with you and creates a certain bond. A lot of times, customers feel isolated from many businesses simply because they are not a routine presence in their lives.

Once you have introduced your business using social media, you can provide a list of all the services that you are willing to provide. This ensures that complete information is available to potential customers and you also leave an email or number as a contact, plus also making sure that you can interact on the page as well. Once people get familiar with your business, they start to order or make purchases. A lot of people will have comments about your business. Some of them will want to praise it and express their level of satisfaction and some might even have negative comments. You can dispel the negativity by clearing out the problem and ensuring that it does not happen again. This will lead to a realistic impression of your business amongst the customers and you can thank the customers, promoting a good image of your customer service. This is also a good way to promote to new deals and packages as things are easily spread on the social media. A lot of business function solely on the basis of social media and it would be folly to underestimate its importance.

I also teach people that they need to be highly involved in writing in journals for credibility.  Anywhere that pitches you as an authority is a great start.  For example, check out the links to articles I’ve published below.

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