How to Succeed With Social Media

Social media has nowadays become an important and useful platform for businesses and for the promotion of their brands.

Whether the interaction among the brand representatives and customers are by Facebook, Twitter, your blog or any other social networking channel, there are many ways to get in and say hello. Friendly and good conversations can attract the people towards their brand and can solidify their relationship. The customers will feel a more direct connection with the brand. There are many other ways to succeed with social media;

Step number 1: “Why do we take the decision to join social media”?

The problem that prevents the successful business use of social media is the lack of understanding why they want to be on the social media.

Most common answers for this question include, “Because our competitors are using social media as a platform for businesses”. The problem with these answers is that they are not deep enough to answer the bigger questions which include:

  • Are your competitors doing well on social media? And what are they doing?
  • From the participation of your competitors on social media are you able to identify their brand impact- leads, awareness, share of voice etc?
  • The core demographic of social media users that your competitor is connected with, is the same as yours?

If your reason to use the platform of social media is because of the competitor then these three questions should be answered. Having the answer to these questions can help you move to the next step.

Step number 2: “Where on social media do we need to be?”

After you have analyzed the answer to “why” for the reason to join social media, the other question that is raised is “Where do we need to be?” this step can determine how successful you are. There are hundreds of thousands of social networks online and choosing the best one as a platform can be a great way to success.

Here are the ones YOU MUST be on:

  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In

Those are the absolute bare minimum.  Some would add Google + to that list, and there are arguments for reasons you should, and shouldn’t be on it, but I’m indifferent. I haven’t seen it grab the community feeling that the above networks provide.

Out of those listed above, the most important are Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.  LinkedIn is great but it’s more of a networking component than anything.

Step number 3: “Set goals and Success Metrics “

The most important step is to set your goals and success metrics in order to measure your social media use. Different brands have different needs and different requirements and the goals should be set according to those brands. It does take a lot of time in experimentation and investment, so in order to measure how you’re doing; certain metrics needs to be assured.

Lastly, make sure you list these social media icons on your website.  They need to be on your site somewhere and link out to the respective properties.  You can see how I did that on my search engine optimization expert website footer.  Just copy that verbatim and you’ll be fine.

Social Media Icons

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