How to Generate an Income Online

Just about everyone in the world wants to make more money, but few people have the brain opportunities power, skill-set, and ambition to make it happen. The world wide web has given people the unique ability to make money at a quicker pace than we have ever before seen.  We talked about this in our last update where I talked about how to make money with affiliate marketing.  I invite you to check that out because I personally mentor people in that space.

Today, I’m getting a bit more generic, and at the bottom of this update you’ll see a link to a website I highly suggest you check out. 

Make Money Online

There is plenty of money to be made online if you just apply yourself and learn a few trade secrets.

During the industrial revolution one of the only ways to make large amounts of money was through the process of manufacturing. In order to be successful in manufacturing you would need a product, capital, and a skilled work force. The items would then need a market to be sold into as well as a buyer looking for the specific item you are producing. The very high barriers to entry kept a large majority of the population in poverty.  In periods prior to the industrial revolution it was nearly impossible to make large sums of money because the world lived primarily in a barter economy.

Nowadays everything has changed and the opportunities for people to create massive sums of wealth has never been easier. In recent times, the majority of the richest people in the world are all tech entrepreneurs who have made their fortunes inventing things online. While manufacturing still has it’s place, the sector has become extremely competitive and its hard to small mom and pop operations to compete with the titans of industry. The internet though provides people with a more level playing field where mobility and creativeness trumps capital and connections. Take Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook for example.  15 years ago Mark was just a college student who wanted to make a website that people could stay in contact with their fellow classmates. Nowadays, he owns one of the most popular websites on the internet and had made billions of dollar int he last few years.

Mark’s rise to greatness has been so dramatic that he has surprised the great like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Carlos Slim. These titans of industry have been at the top of the most wealthy list for many years and like magic have been unseated by a young wiz kid from the United States.  Now you’re probably wondering what the secret is to making more money.  The most important thing you need to realize is that you must “want” to make more money. This desire for increasing your income must be more powerful than all other desires in your life. Another way to look at it is theres only so many hours in a day. You must learn to concentrate your efforts on the things that are making you the most money or the things that have the potential to increase your income. One must also consider the scalability of different business models. For example, if you run a small brick and mortar store it can be difficult to scale up to more locations.  On the other hand, if you own an internet company scaling can happen naturally at a very quick pace. If your a dentist it could be difficult to scale up your income dramatically because the value comes from you working with the patient. Other skill sets like an being an Internet Marketing client consultant can duplicated himself thousands of times without any trouble. The secret to success is to put laser focus on one specific aspect of your job that makes you the most money. Do your homework and find a career that is highly specialized and scalable and you have a chance to make a large fortune.

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