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I have some very exciting news for you all today!  I’ve decided to unveil all of my trade secrets gained over the last 13+ years online and put them all in one easy to digest course.

Learn Affiliate Marketing with Affiliate U!

While I am probably most known in Internet circles for being a long time SEO and social media guru, which I talk about here, there is something I’ve been doing behind the scenes that has amplified my earnings quite a bit.  It’s called affiliate marketing, and I’m going to explain to you today just what that is and how you can PROFIT from it by learning from the best.  I have special guests involved in this course contributing their own personal trade secrets, but 80% of the tutorials are direct from ME and teach the finer points of how to use a tactic I call “persona hacking” to gain trust with people who visit your website.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Internet advertising is Affiliate marketing in which any online business allows them to connect with different web site owners who are known as publishers or owners by using the Affiliate Marketing Programs. By generating sales, leads and traffic for the Merchant business, an Affiliate makes money. Payment models are used, including:

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)

A form on the Merchant’s website is completed by a visitor which is referred by Affiliate. This payment structure I known as-cost per lead (CPL)

  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)

In this type of payment method, a visitor who is referred by the affiliate purchases goods and services from the Merchant.

  • Cost Per Click:

In this type of payment structure, a visitor of the Affiliate website clicks on the Merchant’s banner and visits the Merchant’s website. This payment structure is referred to as – cost per click (CPC)

Merchants can drive traffic and customers based on the “pay for performance” pricing model using Affiliates Programs. Only when a customer makes and purchase by completing the lead form or clicking on the banner, only then the Merchant pays. This method provides the Merchant with a cost effective promotions model and to attract high quality and targeted customers.

For merchants who are looking for traceable results via Affiliating programs, some of them provide a comprehensive management and highly developed graphic reporting tools, which includes the state of art tracking technology in them which allows the merchant to take full control of your affiliate program while it continues to grow rapidly with no or little maintenance.

On a pay for performance basis, affiliate marketing is an excellent way to drive customers to your affiliate business web site by building up your own large online sale team. As a merchant you have full control over your affiliate program and you can build your own pay per sale, text and custom Flash/HTML advertisements and pay per click or pay per lead Affiliate program which will help promote and drive customers to your website.

In Affiliate programming, Affiliate will display your advertisements on their website by joining your program first and then sending customers and traffic back to your website. All affiliate programs you build provides you with comprehensive online management, sale reporting tools and are free helping you track your impressions, sales and the customer traffic reaching your website. The display of one thousand of your banners and the rate paid for each sale by any of those three methods are also under your full control.

If you want your program to reach a very wide and large audience of US, European, Asian or Australian based customers then you may want to choose to use our additional promotional service. You can earn a high income with the help of Affiliate Marketing from your website by helping to provide related services to your customers or visitors. By joining one of the Affiliate Programs you can start earning today. Affiliate program is preferred by many of the websites as a way of generating traffic and sales for online businesses.

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