About This Website

Internet Voices radio was created with the notion of spreading content in an educational format to marketers across the globe.

Led by long time Internet Marketing mind Tim Schmidt, the website will feature many different “voices” in the online space who can share secrets, tactics, and information about how you can improve your revenues through various methods.

Web marketing is the focus, and this site is designed to help marketers of all skill levels.  We will hone in on SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media.  Sure, other topics may rise from time to time, but those are our core focuses.

If you ever want to get in touch with one of the contributors, feel free.  They aren’t getting paid to be here and to educate, but rather gain notoriety and perhaps – clients – from the exposure Internet Voices Radio provides.

If you would like to contribute to our website in any way, please fill out the contact form below.


Tim is a 15 year Internet Marketing and SEO Expert. In addition to working with clients he also teaches affiliate marketing and owns many brands in the e-commerce space. You can learn more about him at his company website: http://www.searchengineoptimizationexpert.com