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Welcome to Internet Voices Radio.  I’m Tim Schmidt, a long time SEO strategist and e-commerce guru.  Please read “about this website” for more information about me and the purpose of this website.   In short, I built this platform to spread educational information from top internet marketing minds across the web.  You’ll find commentary, interviews, tips,… Read Article →

Just about everyone in the world wants to make more money, but few people have the brain opportunities power, skill-set, and ambition to make it happen. The world wide web has given people the unique ability to make money at a quicker pace than we have ever before seen.  We talked about this in our… Read Article →

If you are ready to sell your online business it probably means you have spent blood and toil and years in fostering it and now it is worth a decent amount of money. Since your website is such a shining example of your perseverance and hard work, you want to sell it for the highest… Read Article →

We live in an age where technology controls almost everything and the biggest marketing tool is social media and networking. This is because everyone is connected to at least 3 or 4 different websites online at one point and it is easy to make connections by way of using social media. Social media is also… Read Article →

Social media has nowadays become an important and useful platform for businesses and for the promotion of their brands. Whether the interaction among the brand representatives and customers are by Facebook, Twitter, your blog or any other social networking channel, there are many ways to get in and say hello. Friendly and good conversations can… Read Article →

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